Oath Keepers MC
November 21, 2019
Heathen – (informal use) An unenlightened person; a person regarded as lacking culture or moral principles.

Welcome to the Oath Keepers MC, where we say fuck what you think. Unless you’re Blaze and a feisty principal, then all bets are off.
With her nose stuck in the air, Doctor Amelia Stone thinks she has Blaze’s character pegged. He’s a heathen after all, not someone she’d ever think twice about. Unbeknownst to the
overconfident principal, Blaze isn’t one of the weak beta males Amelia’s used to intimidating.
This is one biker who won’t back down.


Kings of Carnage MC

April 16th, 2020

Sweet Savannah Mae hit me out of nowhere…or, I should say, I hit her—literally. My bike smashed right into her. Talk about a way to make a lasting impression. One look at her, and I swore I’d met an angel. She was the light to my dark that stirred up emotions I didn’t think I possessed.
In a blink, Savannah becomes everything to me. When I find out the truth she’s hiding, it rocks my world. I’m the vice president of the Kings of Carnage MC—a spot I’ve earned. If any man thinks they can harm what’s mine, they’ve got another thing coming.
But, so do I, because Savannah isn’t all she seems. No, my woman’s an angel with a spine of steel. She doesn’t need a knight in shining armor to save her. She needs a pair of wings to help her fly.

-A Gritty MC romance with a brand new club, characters, and storyline.

-Bash is a complete standalone that does not need any other books read prior.
-Steamy romantic suspense full of action, alpha bad boys, and strong women.
Hilary Storm - President, Sapphire Knight - Vice President, Chelsea Camaron - Road Captain, M.N. Forgy Enforcer, Nicole James - Treasurer, Kim Jones - Nomad

Opposites Attract
Royal Bastards MC
April 28th, 2020
I'm a Royal bastard through and through. Being Prez has been my life
and seeing anything other than the club isn't on my to-do list.
To my surprise, a sexy diamond appears out of the blue and I can't
seem to stay away or keep my hands to myself.
The perfect gem is mine, I know it and so does she.
I'll do whatever I have to, so I can keep her.
I'm a bastard after all, and bastards always break the rules.
-MC romance with a brand new club, characters, and storyline. HEA, no cheating, no gore.
-Opposites Attract is a complete standalone that does not need any other books read prior.
-Steamy romantic suspense full of action, alpha bad boys, and strong women.

The Vendetti Seven

October 13th, 2020

Cristiano Vendetti, I wear the name proudly. I’m Italian royalty, damn near untouchable. The crux of being Vendetti is The Empire. A family of my stature has certain obligations. One of them practically archaic, as our betrothals are decided for us. Whatever to benefit the famiglia, right? I’m mafioso, trained to do as I’m told on all accounts.
I’m rewarded with Arianna, as she’s always been my choice. The woman is more of a curse in my case, as I’m already a married man. While mistresses are a common occurrence in the life, Ari is dead set on making me struggle for breaking her heart. There’s also the problem of Sofia, my wife. Do I kill her and be done with it, or give her to my brothers?

The Vendetti Coward

January 31, 2021

I’m a coward. The second born son of the powerful Vendetti mafia famiglia. Vengeance and fearlessness should run in my blood.
They say I’m a liability, an addict, the embarrassment of the famiglia. None of them know the weight I bear, the guilt clawing in my gut for trying to escape it all. I’ll never be underboss, that I’m certain of. Yet, my life changes in a mere moment when I discover I have a daughter. She's someone to live for and protect, an innocent baby depending on me.
The nanny comes into my life soon after, testing my resilience. She’s a new temptation, a craving I shouldn’t desire. I’m faced with more choices, none of them simple. Succumbing to my addiction is the easy way out, but I’m finally ready to fight. I’m Salvatore Vendetti, and I’m done being the coward.


The Chicago Crew

February 28, 2021

I’ve fallen for her.

She’s mine out of convenience, a means to an end. The crew needs her for a vote, but I need her for so much more. It’s time for an uprising, and in mob life, that’s no easy feat. Blood spills, lines are crossed, and betrayal runs deep. No matter if you’re my enemy or my wife, crew always comes first. Yet, I find myself bartering with the Devil. He’s a finicky beast, one I can bargain with. Take a life, in place of another. It’s nothing I haven’t done before, and for her, I’d kill them all.

Kings Of Carnage MC 

2nd Round - Coming Soon 

Hilary Storm - Ruin
Sapphire Knight - Sterling
Nicole James
Carmen Jenner
M.N. Forgy
Chelsea Camaron

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