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I was a fool to believe that my club and fighting meant everything to me. One look at London Layla Traverson and she proved me wrong. She’d changed so much with time, but that cool blue gaze gave her away. She was still mine and she always would be.


Seeing Cain again swept me off my feet, but my happiness didn’t matter. My best friend was in trouble and I knew what was coming for her. I had to get to Tennessee and help her, even if it meant leaving my love behind. No one had any idea that I had a secret of my own. A secret that meant Cain would be mine, forever.


He calls me free bird, yet I’m not the one who’s free.
At least not as free as he is.

He’s covered in tattoos, roaring down a Texas highway,
and living life. I sit here, pondering what my life could be.

It was only supposed to be some fun, not like this.

I’m Avery, flustered Barista- looking for a diversion.
I’m not like the others.
I’m not ready to give-in and accept my fate.

2 Piece-

I didn’t have a clue that the pull would be so strong.
To concede, or relent, to just accept my feelings for her.

She came looking for me, when I had no idea I wanted to be found.

She’s so strong, it’s mesmerizing, but I’m not the only one who notices.
Just when it hits me of what’s right in front of me, waiting,
things turn chaotic.

I’m 2 Piece, a stubborn member of the Oath Keepers MC. You think
you know me because I’m a typical biker?
You don’t have a clue.

Together, this is our story.

Can we relinquish and submit to our hearts?

Forsaken Control.jpg

I was suffocating until the club saved me. I've sent the pain below, buried it, and taken control of my life. Now, I cause the pain. I make people break and beg for their lives, as I decide their fates. It's up to me as the Enforcer to protect my club, by any means necessary. She comes into my life, like a stiff punch to the gut, making me question everything I once believed. She belongs to my brother and it goes against everything to take her from him.
However, I don't want to take just her. I want them both.
Can my club handle it? Can he? Because she already loves me...

Forsaken Control

Confused and scared, I had no idea what to do with my life or my baby’s. I trusted the wrong guy, Ghost from the Iron Fists MC. He disappeared, leaving me scattered, believing I could finally get free from him. It was a blessing and a curse that pushed me to head to my brother's motorcycle club, in hopes of leaning on the only shoulder I’ve ever known. Silas has always been my rock and I know no matter how hard my future may be, he'll help me.
What I discover instead, is a hunter. A fiercely loyal, broken man, just waiting for his next kill. He's exactly what I need, a biker ready to sacrifice anything. A man who has given up on hope.

Ghost will come for me and my baby, but he's not expecting the grim reaper waiting by my side.

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