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Little White Lies.jpg

I have a plan—keep my head down, stay out of the way, and graduate.
If I stick to it, I can escape and finally be free of my father's suffocating
grip on my life.
My plan does not include four stubborn, rich hot guys that just happen
to run Harvard Academy. Brent, Cole, Tristan, and Axel are the top of
the food chain. All the boys want to be them, and the girls want to be
with them—except me.
The thing about spoiled rich boys... they'll do anything to get what they
want. These four have set their sights on me—a sweet, innocent pawn
in their game of little white lies. And now my plan is f****d...

Little White Lies
Ugly Dark Truth.jpg

Lies, lies, lies...

The lies from Harvard Academy's Elite had fallen upon deaf ears. With the truth revealed, Sam was the only person I could turn to and trust.
But a girl once so broken, was only bent. As I returned, stronger than before. The de Lacharriere's could play their silly little games and spew their lies.
One thing remained true, I was getting free of my father's clutches. Even if that meant having to side with the enemy.
The four guys who broke my heart with little white lies, would have to heal me with their ugly dark truths.

Ugly Dark Truth
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