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Football is my life and it always has been.
I made a vow to be the best, regardless of distractions.
I'm Tyler the Freight Train Owens, I can handle anything on the field.
Off of it however, my days begin to pile up with college, football, and
helping out my brothers. I need a small reprieve.
Especially if she’s five foot five, brunette and has legs that go on for miles.
I can handle a small distraction, no problem. Besides, when that time clock
runs out, I don't have time for panties, only touchdowns.

Star football player...Check.
Spoiled brat...Check.
Right when I think I have Tyler Owen’s all figured out; he knocks me on
my ass, literally. I wasn’t expecting him to help me up, or the little shock
that I felt when we touched, but then I didn’t think I’d fall in love either.
Too bad he has a line of willing women trailing after him, because I refuse
to be one of them. The Freight Train may be used to scoring on and off
the field, but this is one game he can't win.

Freight Train
3 Times the Heat.jpg

I’m country, through and through. I keep to myself, minding my father’s land and take care of my two younger brothers. I like to think of myself as a law-abiding citizen. I mean - what the law doesn’t know doesn’t hurt, right? My life was simple and neat, until little Miss Shyla showed up one day. The feisty woman was determined to put me in my place, however she was expecting to meet a boy, and not a man.

3 Times the Heat

The moment he takes his clothes off on stage, it hits me.
Washboard abs, toned pecs, and that fucking V…
Belongs to Nathanial Owens, my ex-best friend.
I’d rubbed my hands all over that alluring body, and
I’ve never felt so dirty because of it. Nate’s a stripper,
the Owens’ outcast, and the man of my dreams. It’s my job
to get him to quit, but he’s the most stubborn man I know.
And no matter what he may claim, I could never forget him.

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