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A delicious short story collection that will have you craving more!

Love and Obey is a follow up with Ares, because you can never have too much
of a badass who's loyal to a fault and loves fiercely. -Oath Keepers MC

Snake in Sweet Surrender is the club's newest Prospect. He's having a lonely
holiday until a sexy red head gives him a little bit of sweet hell. -Oath Keepers MC

A hot encounter with a feisty Italian leaves Spartak panting for more in Corrupted
Counterparts. Can the quiet Russian keep up with her? -Russkaya Mafiya

The Main Event offers a glimpse of the Ground and Pound world where you’re
able to catch an unforgettable night. New Year’s in Las Vegas can only mean three
things: fighting, f*cking and forever. You ready to party? -Ground and Pound

*There are short pieces previously published in Anthology's and other books*

Unexpected Forfeit.jpg

I crave the excitement and the rush as it courses through
my body, with the sounds of fists meeting flesh.
It’s not just the blood or the hard bodies that keeps me coming back each time, wanting more.
It’s Jace ‘King’ Kash and his arctic blue eyes. He has fists made of steel with a body honed for speed. He’s breathtaking to watch in the cage. The King easily brings men to their knees, and then graciously helps them up when he’s finished.
Getting introduced to him was thrilling, falling in love with him, unexpected.
Jace comes pounding through, waking my mind and body up; showing me what I was missing out on in my life.
He makes me realize what I could have and what doesn’t destroy me, will eventually make me stronger.

Unexpected Forfeit
Opposites Attract.jpg

I'm a Royal b*stard through and through. Being Prez has been my life
and seeing anything other than the club isn't on my to-do list.
To my surprise, a sexy diamond appears out of the blue and I can't
seem to stay away or keep my hands to myself.
The perfect gem is mine, I know it and so does she.
I'll do whatever I have to, so I can keep her.
I'm a b*stard after all, and b*stards always break the rules.

Opposites Attract

The nomad life calls to me, as does the drive to hunt a dark soul. On the road, the last thing I expect to discover is an unconscious woman. Finding her on the brink of death sends a pang to my chest, and with it comes clarity. I want her to be mine.
It’s a mystery how she ended up on death’s door, one I’m determined to explore. There’s more to Aura than meets the eye, but I knew that from the moment I touched her. Lies and lust, beauty and betrayal, all of it is a price I’m willing to pay. I’ll do anything to keep her. Anything. After all, I’m no prince, and this is no fairytale.


Adam has always been forbidden.
As my father’s close friend and business partner, there’s an unspoken rule he’s too old for me. I’m a good girl, never breaking any rules, so I’ve kept my feelings to myself.
However, circumstances change, and the grumpy billionaire I’ve grown to secretively love doesn’t hold back. All it takes is one small incident to make the tension between us snap, and I quickly discover I have a naughty side after all.
Mixed up in a world full of debts and lust, I’m traded to another man for payment and shaken to my core. I refuse to be a damsel in distress, but when my limits are pushed, there’s only one man willing to risk it all.

Tease -
“Be a good girl and stop this. As beautiful as you are when you cry, your tears will get you nowhere in life.” His thumb grazes my bottom lip before he pulls away. Without a backward glance, he leaves his office, and finally, it feels like I can breathe again.

☃️My special edition paperback is available now! My novella is a complete standalone, grumpy sunshine, age gap, father's best friend, holiday & boss themed with a HEA☃️

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