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The Vendetti Devil

Book #6
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Rejected and pushed away.
My life was forever changed when Violet Bottaro stepped through the front door. I fell hard, enraptured with her mere existence, but she wasn’t mine. Not only was she betrothed to my brother, she willingly chose him over me.
Heartbroken and alone.
I was sent to Chicago to take care of business. I’m to make this city bow down to the Vendetti name. With a shattered heart and a demeanor cold as ice, I’ll make the streets quake with my presence. My prey can run and hide all they want, in the end I always come to collect.
Imagine my surprise when I find a hidden treasure. A woman that no one knows exists, yet has the power to change the game. I’ll steal her away, hide her until the time is right and use her to complete my mission.
Only the Capo has other plans, and I have no choice but to give in and offer my hand. The Empire owns me, but now it will own her as well.

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