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Vendetti Queen

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Violet Vendetti was the Bottaro princess-- was. She’d been betrothed to the Capo dei capi of New York, without ever knowing it. A deal made, is a deal kept, as far as the Vendetti Crime family is concerned. No matter that it was her father to plead for her safety offering up her hand in marriage amongst other promises. The Capo always comes to collect what is owed. Violet is swept away into a world she thought she knew, only to discover everything isn’t what it may seem. From family traditions to deals struck, she learns exactly what it takes to be the Vendetti queen.

This is part two in a duet. Please read The Vendetti Empire prior. This book is VERY steamy, so be ready!* OTTA *Dark* If you can't handle thinking outside the box, you can't handle this book. It's hot, full of racy scenes, and for open-minded readers wanting to read a suspenseful, non-cookie cutter book. This book is for those of us bored with the everyday romance reads everyone else is writing. If you click, you're warned. Also, welcome to the dark side, let me entice your mind.*

Get your signed paperback. Can be personalized or just signed. Price is for US shipping only. If you are located in another country, please message me to order through Paypal with the proper shipping fee. Please expect 4-6 weeks for your order.

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