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Book #5
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Once a Widow Maker but now an Oath Keeper, I’ve made this club my life. It’s taken years to earn my cut and the respect of my MC brothers. I’m the youngest in club history to ever wear this patch—the newest Vice President joining in the ranks under one of the most notorious bikers alive. As the President, my blood brother has set the standard for loyalty and violence far out of my reach. However, the mighty must fall at some point, no matter how resilient they may seem.
When shit hits the fan, it’s up to me to keep the club going strong. Cherry may be a newfound obstacle that I never saw coming, but it doesn’t matter. She can’t matter, at least not to me. She’s only a club whore after all...and whores are never claimed, especially not by the VP.

*Complete standalone novel, however, it would be better to read Princess first for supporting characters. OTTA, MC, Bad Boy, not your momma's sweet romance!*

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