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Vendetti Coward

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I’m a coward. The second-born son of the powerful Vendetti mafia famiglia. Vengeance and fearlessness should run in my blood.
They say I’m a liability, an addict, the embarrassment of the famiglia. None of them know the weight I bear, the guilt clawing in my gut for trying to escape it all. I’ll never be underboss, that I’m certain of. Yet, my life changes in a mere moment when I discover I have a daughter. She's someone to live for and protect, an innocent baby depending on me.
The nanny comes into my life soon after, testing my resilience. She’s a new temptation, a craving I shouldn’t desire. I’m faced with more choices, none of them simple. Succumbing to my addiction is the easy way out, but I’m finally ready to fight. I’m Salvatore Vendetti, and I’m done being the coward.

(Book 4 in the Vendetti series- Empire, Queen, Seven, Coward)
WARNING!!! This series is VERY steamy, so be ready!* OTTA *Dark* Taboo* Possible triggers* If you can't handle thinking outside the box, you can't handle this book. It's hot, full of racy scenes, and for open-minded readers wanting to read a suspenseful, non-cookie cutter book. This book is for those of us bored with the everyday romance reads everyone else is writing. If you click, you're warned. Also, welcome to the dark side, let me entice your mind.

READ. IT. NOW! - Author Xana Jordan

This book literally had me sitting down thinking “what did I just read?” Multiple times. She pulls at ALL your emotions, making you hold your breath with every “Noooooo, what is she doing?” I’ve never been afraid for a character's life like I was with this book. She really outdid herself. I already can’t wait for the next Vendetti story. - Laura S.

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